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Innocart : Wheel chair for pet dogs

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Innovation India is the number one brand in India for pet products, accessories and services offered to handicapped, disabled, paralyzed pets and animals to minimize their sufferings. Wheelcart / Wheelchair / Dogcart, Splints, Artificial Limbs, Braces, Slings, Elizabeth and Neck Collars etc. are few to name. We posses unlimited options and qualified experts to rehabilitate pet cases. Our mission is to produce, market, sell and distribute products that improve animal well-being and help those who work with animals to better working conditions.

Adjustable Muzzle



Collapsible collar



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  • "After searching for various options for my handicapped pet on internet,I came across wheelchairs prepared by Innovation India team especially for pet animals. I anticipated that..."
    Arun Gopal Velivala
    Inno cart helped my handicapped pet
  • "This is the first time I have had to buy Innovation India products, and I am very happy to recommend them. The dog (Lucy, a spitz) for whom we ordered the 2 wheel Innocart has..."
    Shreeya Kurien, New Delhi
    Lucy enjoying her wheels!
  • "Regards!!! Chip is getting better ( My dog whom u splinted- from Pitampura ) Thanks for your help."
    Rita Gangwani
    Chip getting better

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